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My experience as a business owner in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County makes me uniquely suited to approach legal representation from the business owner’s perspective. Business legal services for business owners and by an experienced businessman and business law attorney. Best business lawyers for the best price.

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I started my first business at age 8, "Dan's Bird Farm" and I've started 8 more since. I’m an entrepreneur, businessman & a business attorney. I not only know what it feels like to sit in your position as a business owner, because I’ve done it successfully multiple times, but I also understand what businesses and their owners need as an experienced business law attorney. Why hire a lawyer that had never started, funded or run his or her own business? You don’t have too. 

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“I've worked with many attorneys but working with Dan is different. As a business owner, issues arise that only a fellow business owner can relate to. Dan is not just a great attorney, he's a great business man, and he’s my attorney."

- CEO at Confidential

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I provide business, corporate general counsel, technology, Internet, e-commerce & tax law, as well as trust, will, estate & succession planning legal services. I handle transactional-based legal issues that arise when companies develop, license, acquire or sell information technology & internet or computer-related products & services. I provide legal services for a variety of individuals, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses, including start-ups and mature companies, both foreign & domestic.